06 May / / Running
My goals are rarely formed over time, they tend to just pop into my head and get stuck. Like the day I ran 10 miles at a 6:50 pace and decided I should try to do a 2:59 marathon. Or last fall, when I thought, “hmm, I could probably do a 40 minute 10K” and signed up for a race the next weekend. Right now, that thing is running a 5 minute mile, something I haven’t done in 19 years.
10 April / / Running
Whenever someone finds out I’m a runner, they ask if I’ve ever run a marathon. I may have run that far back in college, when I frequently did long wandering runs on boring Sunday afternoons. That was long before the GPS era, even before google maps. My only good way to figure out how far I went was to retrace my route using the trip odometer in my car - if I could remember each and every turn.
06 April / / Running
A month ago today, I was coming to the end of week 13 in Pete Pfitzinger’s 18-week, 70 mile-per-week marathon plan in preparation for the Milwaukee Marathon. I did 4 miles at recovery pace before work, and a quicker-than-easy medium-long* after work. *Pfitzinger’s plans call for a ton of medium-long runs. These are between 11 and 15 miles, and 10-20% below race pace. You will usually do one or two per week in addition to the Sunday 16+ mile long run.
15 March / / Running
The very first time I ran in the Adidas Adios 4, I knew I was going to love it. It was just the right combination of everything. When I saw it’s bigger brother go on sale right before the new version came out, I had to try it. In fact, I bought 2. I’d consider the Adios 4’s upper and fit to be it’s biggest weakness, but it wasn’t that bad.
07 March / / Running
Last October, I set a 38:46 PR in a 10K road race. It was a PR by default since it was my only 10K, but as a guy just hoping to get under 40, I was very happy with the time. I finished 5th overall in my trusty Saucony A8 racing flats. Finishers 1-4 were in some sort of Nike Vaporfly, either the 4% or the NEXT%. I was aware of the shoes before, but never really considered them.
12 September / / Running
Since I’m such a hipster, I began wearing minimalist running shoes long before minimalist running shoes were a thing. In high school in the late 90s, I wore middle distance track spikes for cross country meets, and eventually started wearing them for general training on trails, and sometimes even on paved roads. I liked the light weight and feedback. Just like how I like my cars, I guess. Sure, I always had a pair of normal running shoes for longer distances, but I preferred the spikes whenever it made sense.