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This is my 1999 Porsche 986, parked on the side one of my favorite highways, UT-128. I bought it with about 116k miles and no maintenance records, but it was a good enough deal that it wasn’t much of a gamble. It’s Ocean Blue Metallic w/ Savanna Beige interior.

So far, I’ve only needed to replace the water pump (pulley just decided to shit and spray coolant everywhere one day, luckily only a few minutes from home) and an oxygen sensor - the cause of a check engine light on my drive home after buying the car - and a mild heart attack.

A previous owner decided it was a good idea to strap plywood boxes to the door panels with wood screws right through the vinyl and cutting away part of old speaker grille opening to accommodate it. It looked and sounded like garbage. I ripped it out and replaced them with stock speakers. It also came with some crapass aftermarket stereo head unit that looked like it was designed by meth-addicted robot monkeys. I replaced it with a normal-looking Sony XAV-AX100, which supports Android Auto.

It has an IMS bearing. It’s the early design that rarely fails, and I don’t lose any sleep over it. If it dies, I’ll buy a 996 engine and it will rule.

In October 2017, I drove from Madison, WI to San Jose, CA for NANOG 71. Aside from a couple of dead headlight bulbs and a big staple in my rear passenger tire, I had no trouble with the car. The trip on the whole was incredible, but my driving highlights were the aforementioned UT 128, US 50 in Nevada (nicknamed The Loneliest Road in America), and the best day of driving of my life - California SR 1 up to Fort Bragg.


I bought this 1987 Porsche 924S to be my winter beater. The S was essentially a 944 base with 924 body and interior pieces - in other words, Porsche’s attempt to clear out old parts before discontinuing the 924.

First order of business is getting a set of winter tires on the original 15” phone dial wheels. It needs new engine mounts, brake pads, some rubber seals, and various other minor things. Exterior is in excellent shape, and it has a fresh clutch, timing belt and water pump. It could use some quality time in an upholstery shop, but hey, its supposed to be a beater!

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Colin is a network engineer, amateur/wannabe Porsche mechanic, and elite hobbyjogger in Madison, WI.