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05 April / / Cars
When I bought the 924S almost 2 years ago, I knew it was going to be somewhat of a project. It’s been a perfectly reliable* driving project, but a project nonetheless. When stuff has gone wrong, I haven’t needed to overnight parts from Germany - I’ve been able to drive it until it gets fixed. *aside from that one time I forgot to tighten the connector between the clutch master and slave, and the clutch decided to lose all pressure and stop working right in the middle of a busy intersection.
28 December / / Cars
Before this season, I’ve had vehicles that were perfectly capable winter cars. And honestly, the Boxster would have been fine with some different tires and maybe a hard top. But those are significant expenses, and if I’m going to spend money, I might as well get another car to play with, right? Yes, I realize how fuzzy my logic is here. OK fine, call it a rationalization. I’ve always wanted a transaxle Porsche.
22 December / / Cars
My 924S needed basically all of its suspension updated, and I’ve been kinda taking a low-hanging fruit approach - start with the easiest and least expensive jobs. I replaced the tie rod ends ($14 each) which was a pretty straight forward job, though old rusty bolts can make anything anything a crapshoot - took about an hours worth of PB Blastering, blowtorchery, and hammer whacks to get the old ones out.
21 November / / Cars
When I purchased my 924S, the first thing I noticed - before I even got in the car for the first time - was the crazy vibration at idle. I wasn’t terribly worried about it - it’s a 30 year old car, and its original engine mounts have probably disintegrated to nothing. So, I ordered new ones almost immediately. There are several write-ups online on the best way to do this.