Porsche 924S/944 Engine Mount Replacement

When I purchased my 924S, the first thing I noticed - before I even got in the car for the first time - was the crazy vibration at idle. I wasn’t terribly worried about it - it’s a 30 year old car, and its original engine mounts have probably disintegrated to nothing. So, I ordered new ones almost immediately.

There are several write-ups online on the best way to do this. I didn’t really follow any one exactly, but here’s what I learned:

  • Get the smallest 13mm ratcheting box wrench you can find. If you have the older style mounts (you probably do), make sure you have a second 13mm open-end wrench to hold the top bolt nuts in place. I didn’t, and used an adjustable crescent wrench. I probably would have saved time if I had driven to the hardware store to buy another wrench.
  • Some tutorials suggest removing the steering rack. I didn’t, and IMO, I don’t feel like this would buy you much.
  • Others suggest removing the control arms. I didn’t, and it’s not necessary, but I can see where this would save you time.
  • Lots of people run into trouble pushing the rubber lip of the new mounts into the side of the cross member, myself included. A 5” pry bar worked great for this. From the front of the car, jam the pry bar between the top of the mount and the engine brace, and press up, using the brace for leverage. You should be able to wiggle it in:

Once I put everything back together, I started it up. I won’t say it felt good as new, but holy shit, what a difference!

Colin Baker Written by:

Colin is a network engineer, amateur/wannabe Porsche mechanic, and elite hobbyjogger in Madison, WI.