Review: Adidas Boston 8 (aka Adios Grande)

The very first time I ran in the Adidas Adios 4, I knew I was going to love it. It was just the right combination of everything. When I saw it’s bigger brother go on sale right before the new version came out, I had to try it. In fact, I bought 2.

I’d consider the Adios 4’s upper and fit to be it’s biggest weakness, but it wasn’t that bad. For me, the Boston felt a little worse. With the “stock” lacing, I had some serious heel slippage, so I tried a heel lock. That helped in the back, but it became very tight around the midfoot, which gave me an annoying dull pain above the arches. After some trial and error, I came up with a lacing situation that is pretty comfortable, though still not a perfect lockdown in the heel. The midsole feels pretty damn good - cushy without being plush, and responsive without being firm. Even on my longest run, 23 miles, the bottoms of my feet never felt sore or fatigued.

Got ‘em

My first run in the Bostons was a 15 mile Pfitzinger Medium-Long. I just didn’t get the same feeling as I did the first time I put on the Adios. The Boost bounciness was there, but not as pronounced. The shoe guided my foot into more of a midfoot strike, where you could feel the bounce a little more. It had a few extra milimeters of foam compared to the Adios, but it didn’t feel any more comfortable. It never felt easy to push the pace beyond a steady long run speed.

Still, the energy return is definitely there, and it got me through the miles efficiently. My heart rate never gets too high, and maintaining a 7:30-8:00 min/mile pace felt nice and smooth. When I’m running at these paces, the shoe just disappears into the background and does it’s work. My legs come away feeling good - or as much you can reasonably expect after a long run. I’ve done a few slow recovery pace runs as well, and they get the job done here.

While I don’t find it particularly exciting (like I do the Adios), I did find myself reaching for it on my long runs more ofthen than not. 100 miles in, I’m still messing with the lacing and trying to optimize the fit, but I find them to be a great mile eater.


  • Boost bounce
  • Legs feel fresh afterwards
  • Good grip for variety of surfaces
  • Breathable upper


  • Slower than Adios, and doesn’t feel much more comfortable
  • Pretty narrow in the midfoot
  • Some heel slippage

How I Will Use It

  • Long runs
Colin Baker Written by:

Colin is a network engineer, amateur/wannabe Porsche mechanic, and elite hobbyjogger in Madison, WI.